The Nigeria College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria has achieved a remarkable milestone, receiving three prestigious awards from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). This recognition underscores NCAT’s outstanding contributions to aviation training and its commitment to excellence in the field.

NCAT has been awarded the new status of Trainair Plus Platinum Member, a testament to its adherence to the highest aviation training and education. This elite status places NCAT among the top-tier aviation training institutions globally, reflecting its dedication to providing world-class training programs.

In addition to this prestigious status, NCAT has been honored for achieving the highest number of trainees in ICAO Training Packages. This accolade highlights the institution’s ability to attract and effectively train many aviation professionals, thereby contributing to the global aviation industry’s growth and development.

Furthermore, NCAT has been recognized for training the highest number of instructors, a critical factor in maintaining and elevating the quality of aviation training. This award acknowledges NCAT’s role in not only educating aviation professionals but also in equipping instructors with the necessary skills and knowledge to train the next generation of aviation experts.

Mr Joseph W, Imalighwe, the acting Rector and Chief Executive of NCAT, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, “These awards are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and excellence that define NCAT. We are honoured by ICAO’s recognition and are committed to continuing our mission of providing top-notch aviation training.”

These awards were given during the 2024 ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium (GISS), at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, to celebrated institutions that have significantly contributed to aviation training and education. NCAT’s achievements were highlighted, marking a proud moment for the Nigerian aviation sector.

The recognition by ICAO brings international prestige to NCAT and also reinforces its position as a leading aviation training institution in Africa. It reflects NCAT’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of aviation training and to support the global aviation industry by producing highly skilled and competent aviation professionals.

With these awards, NCAT continues to set the benchmark for aviation training in Nigeria and beyond, showcasing its commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in the global aviation community.

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