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Brief Profile of the Head of Flying School:

Capt. Zego Ibrahim Haruna hails from Kaduna State’s Jaba Local Government Area and was born on September 13, 1968. With an enduring passion for aviation, he embarked on his journey in 1988, immersing himself in the dynamic world of aviation studies.

In 1990, he emerged from his aviation training with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL), marking the inception of his remarkable career. His pursuit of excellence led him to the American Flight Academy in Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA, where he secured his Commercial Pilot’s Licence, along with Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings.

Across the Atlantic, Capt. Haruna continued his educational odyssey at the CRAB Tree School of Aeronautics in Oklahoma, obtaining a CFI Ground Instructor Basic certification. He further honed his instructional skills at the Phoenix East Aviation Training Centre in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, earning CFI, CFII, and MEI certifications.

With an unyielding commitment to mastery, he expanded his knowledge base with an ATPL and Advanced Ground Instructor qualification at the American Flyer in Florida, USA. His pursuit of excellence extended to Europe, where he acquired a Type rating on the TBM-850 aircraft at Daher Socata, France, solidifying his expertise.

Embracing innovation, Capt. Haruna ventured into simulator training, obtaining Alsim Flight Simulator Certificates through rigorous instruction at Alsim Instructor Training France. His continuous pursuit of learning and growth is evident in the array of qualifications he has amassed, each a testament to his dedication to the aviation industry.

Today, Capt. Zego Ibrahim Haruna stands as a seasoned aviator, embodying a legacy of exceptional training and expertise. His journey, marked by numerous achievements and a relentless commitment to advancing his craft, resonates as an inspiring narrative within the realm of aviation.

Introduction of Flying School

The Flying School consists of four (4) departments, namely;

  •  Flight Operations Dept.
  • Flight Training Dept.
  • Flight Simulator Dept.
  • Ground Studies Dept.

Vision of  Flying School

To maintain the high standard of our graduating students.

Mission of Flying School

To provide aviation industry with highly trained pilots, dispatchers and cabin crew personnel, in order to maintain safe air transportation.