1. Control of the Authenticity and Validity of Travel Documents at Airport Borders – Level 1190/093/MRTDEN INI
  2. ICAO Government Safety Inspector Operations – Air Operator Certification Course (GSI-OPS-18700)ITP/FSM/GSI OPS/005E
  3. ICAO Government Safety Inspector Airworthiness – Air Operator and Approved Maintenance Organization Certification (GSI-AIR-18701)ITP/FSM/GSI AIR/007E
  4. ICAO Government Safety Inspector Personnel Licensing Course (GSI-PEL-18710) ITP/FSM/GSI PEL/006E
  5. Dangerous Goods – Using the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air ITP/FSM/DGUTI/014E
  6. Aviation Data-driven Decision Making (AD3M) ITP/FSM/AD3M/015E
  7. International Air Law Course ITP/ATR/IAL/011E
  8. CORSIA Verification ITP/ENV/CORSIA/017E
  9. Training Developers Course (TDC) 214/01/ICAO TDC
  10. Training Managers Course (TMC) 215/03/ICAO TMC
  11. Safety Management for Practitioners (SMxP) CTP/FSM/SMP/001E
  12. Post-Training Evaluation (PTE) Course ITP/TCD/PTE/008E
  13. Training Instructors Course (TIC) Part 2 212/02/ICAO TIC
  14. ATSEP-Systems Monitoring & Control 163/215/COM MTC SMC
  15. ATSEP – Data Processing & Automation 163/218/COM MTC DPA
  16. ATSEP – Surveillance Equipment Maintenance 163/144/COM MTC RDR
  17. ATSEP – Communication Equipment Maintenance 163/143/COM EQP MTC
  18. ATSEP Pre-On-the-Job Training Course 163/177/COM MTC OJT
  19. ATSEP – Airport Power Systems and Facilities Maintenance 104/135/AGA MTC PSF
  20. ATSEP Navigation Aids Equipment Maintenance 164/134/COM MTC NAV
  21. Airport Emergency Procedures 109/027/AGA EME