Combined Graduation Ceremony Pictures

Combined Graduation Ceremony Pictures_  


PMB Diplays the NCAT RTCE

PMB Diplays the NCAT RTCE_


Aviation maintenance management

AMS 627 Aviation Maintenance Management Maintenance is a core support function in preserving optimum operating capacity of the air transportation system. This course dwells on maintenance approaches that ensure safe, secure and reliable air transportation with overall cost effectiveness.


Aviation accident investigation

AMS 626 Aviation Accident Investigation Aircraft incident and accident constitute the greatest threat to global aviation. Through accident investigation, it is possible to drastically reduce the severity of occurrence; but not completely eliminate it. This course provides an overview of the investigation requirements and practical techniques enshrined in ICAO Annex 13.


Air traffic management (ATM)

AMS 625 Air Traffic Management (ATM) Air traffic management ensures safety of air traffic on land and in the air. It is a complex operation that requires prescribed competencies to carry out effective and efficient air safety management duties. The course provides a solid foundation knowledge of Air Transport Management.


Human resource management

AMS 618 Human Resources Management Every organization adopts diverse strategies and comprehensive approaches to managing people in the job environment. This is done so that employees contribute effectively and productively to the overall organizational direction and the accomplishment of the goals and objectives.


Aviation safety and security

AMS 617 Aviation Safety and Security It is a huge task to maintain safe, secure and sustainable air transport operation in accordance with corresponding standards and recommended practices. Continuous evolution and adoption of safety strategies and security protocols, that reduce and/or eliminate risk and vulnerability in the global air transport is essential.  This course offers […]


Project/research thesis

AMS 623 Project/Research Thesis        A well-articulated exploratory research project has the potential to change the present and enrich the future. The module offers numerous interactive and flexible sessions with supervisors and constituted panel of moderators who assess the quality of work to ensure best-practices are followed.

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