Basic Aviation Store House Management (BASHM)


To administer, manage and coordinate the daily, quarterly and annual activities in an aviation/airport storehouse with a view to budgeting, planning and orderly inventory management.

  • Decision making in purchasing
  • Fundamentals of supplies and stores management
  • Public sector peculiarities
  • Introduction to supply chain management
  • Inventory and stores administration techniques
  • Purchasing and supply administration
  • Organization and purchasing
  • Place of purchasing in an organization
  • Principle of material costing
  • Purchasing and procurement fundamentals
  • Purchasing documents
  • Purchasing relationship
  • Purchasing systems
  • Quality management
  • Receiving documents
  • Stock and stock reconciliation: storage of stock
  • Control of stock
  • Documentation and records: stock record system
  • Stock taking and stock checking
  • Time management
  • Value analysis and value engineering
  • Stock valuation techniques: the value of in stock and its position in the final accounts

Who Should Attend?

Entry   and intermediate level Aviation stores officers who are responsible for the day today running aspects of an Aviation store house. This will equip entry and middle level store officers and general office staff with the terminologies, procedures, processes and recent trends in the management of modern Aviation stores.



Basic qualifications in stores management and operations in addition to organisationalqualifications.

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