Standard-Flight-Operations-Course (SFO)


The aim of the course is to train students to acquire the necessary knowledge and basic skills required at the entry level as Flight Operations Officer. The SFO is designed to help pilots and other aviation professionals perform their duties safely and efficiently, while also complying with regulatory requirements and organizational policies.

Standard Flight Operations course includes both theoretical and practical components, with classroom sessions. The content of the course also include topics such as flight planning, fuel management, performance calculations, It provides pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate aircraft safely and efficiently and to handle any emergencies that may arise during flights.

Applicants would require a minimum of five credits including English Language, Mathematics, and Physics. However, applicants without credits in Mathematics and Physics will undergo a separate two (2) weeks Foundation course.

The minimum age of an applicant to commence the course is 19 years.

Applicants for the above course should be physically and medically fit.

Applicants with current CPL/ATPL will attend two (2) weeks practical dispatch course.


(Excluding accommodation. & feeding

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