Standard Pilot Course


Pilot course is an essential step for individuals seeking to become pilots. It provides the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to operate an aircraft safely and effectively, and opens up a range of career opportunities in the aviation industry.

    Generally, pilot courses consist of both theoretical knowledge and practical flight training. The theoretical component typically includes subjects such as aircraft systems, meteorology, navigation, air law, and human factors. The practical component of the training involves flight training with a qualified instructor, including takeoffs, landings, navigation, emergency procedures, and other flight maneuvers.

Sufficient understanding of the English Language, Mathematics, and Science to facilitate an understanding of the instruction given throughout the course.
A minimum of five credits including English Language, Mathematics, and Physics.
The minimum age of an applicant to commence the course is 17 years.
Applicants for the above course should be in possession of a valid class 1 medical certificate at the start of the course.

N12,838,110 (Excluding accommodation. & feeding)

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